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It entirely depends on the time of year, the size of your job and your location.

Generally speaking, we can accommodate within a week or two. Allow as much time as possible and book ahead as we can and do get booked up in advance.

Cancellations do happen, we try to get to you as soon as possible.


Please call for further details.

This is definitely a service that we regularly provide within a geographic range. Please call to discuss your hanging requirements and make your booking as soon as you can confirm dates.

No problem – I routinely install new fittings or restring frames to ensure that they will look better in their final position and are more secure.

I am more than happy to assist and compare placement options to ensure your pieces are hung to look the best they can.

Properly placed hangings can improve the whole feel of a space and tie all elements together. This is all part of the fun!

Please call to discuss the details of your space and piece.

In the majority of cases, there are no issues with hanging in stairwells or at heights.

Yes! Ideally, items hung outside are designed for alfresco areas and can withstand the external elements. Please ensure that your piece is suitable for an external space, especially if the area is uncovered.

Mainly the Gold Coast / Northern Rivers.

Depending on the size of the job there can be additional travel charges applied to jobs booked in Brisbane or Byron Bay. Please call to chat further.

We accept cash on the day or bank transfer.

We specialise in curating a wall of your most treasured memories.

We can do it all for you, or assist you to create the most perfect layout for your intended space.

Absolutely not. We come prepared with everything needed.